Houston Real Estate Professionals!  Ever wondered why in the world you should invest in home staging?  Does it really work?  Is it worth your time?  At Home Staging For Houston, we would like to allow the statistics to do the talking to answer those questions for you.  With the awareness of Home Staging on the rise, more and more Houston Real Estate Investors are resorting to Home Staging for a quick sale as well as to command full price or higher offers.  Let’s talk about what is happening right now in home staging: 2013 Home Staging Statistics by Simply Staged. We have just updated our home staging stats for the year (so far) and would like to openly share this valuable information with you so that you can see the results that home staging can make happen for you when selling your Houston Real Estate.

Property Address For Details
5030 Creekbend Alan w/White Picket Realty Staged, listed & received 4 full price offers in 1 day.
17807 Mahagony Forest Adrian w/New Western Acquisitions Staged, listed  & received 4 offers in first 3 days, 1 above list price and 2 @ full
13201 Castle Wind Lane Bert w/K&B Homes Staged, listed & received an offer in 7 days.
5035 Creekbend Brant w/Rent Ready Contractors Listed on a Friday and received 4 full price offers by Monday
11615 Braewick Andrew w/Two by Four Property Group 60+ DOM prior to staging, staged and received an offer in less than 7 days
4525  Creekbend Crystal w/Cash McKay Properties Staged, listed and received 2 full price offers in 17 days.
5510 Rutherglen Shaun w/SquareStone Homes Staged, listed & received full price. 4 offers in 3 days
1911 Greenbriar Brant w/Rent Ready Contractors Staged, listed & received first offer in less than 5 days
123 Bent Tree Ln. Erik w/Texan ATM Corp. Staged, listed on Apr 5th 2013 and pending an offer
143 Piney Pathway Jay w/DH Homes 165 DOM then staged, listed & sold in 1 day for full price.
162 Shadow Springs Jay w/DH Homes 60 DOM then staged, listed & in 6 days is in a bidding war with 4 offers
930 Longview Shaun w/SquareStone Homes Staged, listed and received multiple offers and accepted 1 for $10,000 over list price in 14 hours.
6046 Dumfries Mark w/Dryden Investments Staged, listed on Apr 25th 2013 and pending an offer
4407 Cynthia Pauline w/CB United Realtors Staged Apr 25th 2013 and received 8 offers.  Accepted offer above listing price in 3 days.

Here are just a few testimonials we have recently received.  We hope you’ll plan to invest in Home Staging when selling your Houston Real Estate.

Alan and Vanessa of White Pickett Realty  We are a professional real estate investment firm and consider Simply Staged an irreplaceable asset in our network. Not only are they knowledgeable and professional, they are very detail oriented and it shows. Great Work!

Crystal and Blake Yarborough with Cash McKay Properties  Hey there, I just wanted to share that I have been so  happy with your services.  I think we are on property 3 or 4 with Simply Staged and each property has sold with pleasing profits.  Just about all agents comment on how beautifully the properties are staged and this last one had competing offers and sold for full price in 17 days.  The more impressive thing is that of the 2 offers the one that came in at full price didn’t even know another offer was on the table. They were instantly impressed and the buyer’s agent said it was staged the best she has seen.  Kudos to you two.  Your eye for design and professionalism has been admirable and appreciated.

Andrew Bacon  We have agreed to terms on the Braewick property and will be closing on the 29th.  I am very happy with the way everything turned out on the property and i know your staging really made a huge difference.  Again thanks for everything and i look forward to working with you in the future.  All the Best,  Andrew Bacon

[highlight type=”standard, dark”]Please be advised the above content is based upon the work completed by a combined effort of myself and Blanca Williams formally of Simply Staged.[/highlight]