Short Term Rental Styling

Why Choose Home Staging for Houston?

Elevating Your Short-Term Rental Experience

At The Home Staging for Houston Design Team, we specialize in providing staging and styling services for short-term rentals (STRs). Whether you own a vacation home, Airbnb, or other rental property, our professional designers are here to help you maximize its potential and elevate the guest experience.

Need STR styling on a budget? Home Staging for Houston offers a cost-friendly solution tailored to your needs. Our expert design director will create a personalized mood board based on your preferences, complete with purchase links for every item.

With this approach, you take the lead on installation, guided by our detailed mood boards to ensure perfect placement. Enjoy professional styling at a fraction of the cost!

Contact us today to get started and transform your space effortlessly.

Benefits of Our Services

Increased Bookings and Higher Rates: Our professional designers excel at creating visually appealing and well-styled spaces that attract potential guests. A beautifully designed STR is more likely to command higher nightly rates and attract more bookings, ultimately increasing your rental income.

Enhanced Guest Experience: We understand the importance of the guest experience from arrival to departure. Our designers focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring comfort, and providing all the necessary amenities and conveniences that travelers expect.

Competitive Advantage: In a competitive market, a professionally designed STR stands out. It can capture the attention of potential guests and help your property compete successfully with other rentals in the area.

Positive Reviews and Repeat Guests: A well-designed STR tends to receive positive reviews from guests. These reviews can boost your property’s reputation and encourage repeat business and referrals.

Initial Consultation

Property Overview

The property owner will provide an overview of the Airbnb property, including its location, size, layout, and any unique features or challenges. This information helps our designer understand the scope of the project.

Goals and Objectives

The property owner will share their goals and objectives for the Airbnb rental. This might include increasing bookings, improving guest reviews, achieving a certain occupancy rate, or enhancing the overall guest experience.

Budget and Timeline

Both parties will discuss the budget available for the design project and the timeline for completion. This is a crucial aspect to ensure that the project aligns with the property owner’s financial constraints and any deadlines for rental availability.

Style Preferences

The property owner will express their style preferences and any specific themes or design concepts they have in mind for the property. We will also discuss whether the client wants our professional designer to suggest styles or if they have a specific vision.


Needs Assessment

The process begins with a thorough assessment of the client’s or project’s furniture requirements. This includes identifying the type of space, the intended use, the style and design preferences, budget constraints, and any specific functional or aesthetic criteria.


Based on the needs assessment, furniture is carefully selected to meet the criteria and goals of the project. This includes choosing items such as seating, tables, desks, storage units, lighting fixtures, and more.


Furniture procurement involves finding sources for the selected pieces, which may include retail furniture stores, wholesalers, manufacturers, or even custom furniture designers and makers.

Cost Estimation

An essential part of the process is estimating the cost of the selected furniture. This includes considering factors like the unit price of each item, quantity required, shipping costs, taxes, and any installation or assembly fees.

Order Placement

Once all terms and conditions are agreed upon, orders are placed with the selected vendors. This involves specifying the quantity, specifications, and delivery dates for each piece of furniture.

Delivery and Installation

In many cases, furniture procurement also includes coordinating the delivery and installation of the furniture at the project site. This ensures that the pieces are placed in their intended locations and are assembled or set up correctly.


The installation process is efficiently handled by our adept logistics team. Your space will be transformed swiftly in just a few hours, allowing you to relax and appreciate the advantages of a exquisitely designed property.

Maximize Your Property Investment

Investing in professional property styling is a strategic decision that promises a compelling return on investment. When you enlist the expertise of a seasoned stylist, you’re not just creating an aesthetically pleasing space; you’re unlocking the potential for significantly higher rental rates. Here’s how it works: A professionally styled property exudes an allure that captivates potential renters. It goes beyond mere aesthetics – it’s about creating an ambiance that invites, comforts, and delights. In doing so, you set the stage for increased demand and, subsequently, the ability to command higher rental fees. Guests are not only willing to pay a premium for a well-styled and inviting space, but they’re also more likely to leave glowing reviews, attract repeat bookings, and refer your property to others. It’s a ripple effect that amplifies your income and ensures a return on your initial investment. So, while professional property styling may incur an upfront cost, the long-term financial gains in the form of elevated rental rates and increased bookings make it a savvy choice for property owners looking to maximize their returns.

Perfect for

Why Choose Style Staging for Your Rental Property?

Maximize Your Investment

By professionally styling your rental property, you can maximize its investment potential. A well-styled space can command higher rental fees and attract more bookings, ultimately increasing your rental income.

Receive Glowing Reviews

Guests are more likely to leave positive reviews for a rental property that is beautifully styled and thoughtfully designed. These glowing reviews can enhance your property’s reputation and attract more guests in the future.

Encourage Repeat Bookings

A stylishly staged rental property creates a memorable experience for guests, increasing the likelihood of repeat bookings. Guests will be eager to return to a property where they felt comfortable and pampered.

elevate your listing and attract more potential buyers

Explore the art of presenting spaces in their best light with Home Staging for Houston. Let us turn your empty rooms into captivating, market-ready showcases that leave a lasting impression.

Staging Services


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Home Staging for Houston excels in crafting exquisite designs tailored specifically for short-term rentals and Air BNB Styling.


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We collaborate closely with Houston area builders to transform their model homes into inviting and aspirational spaces through our staging designs.


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