Occupied Home Staging Services

Elevate Your Home Sale with Supplemental Home Staging Solutions

Featuring a thoughtfully arranged living space that blends the homeowner’s furniture with carefully selected pieces from our team. Supplemental Home Staging by The Home Staging for Houston Design Team provides a specialized service, recognizing the challenges of selling a home while living in it. Our solution allows homeowners to stay in their homes during the selling process, benefiting from expert staging.

How It Works

Our Supplemental Staging service involves blending the homeowner’s existing furniture with carefully selected pieces supplemented by our staging company. This approach ensures that the home maintains its lived-in feel while also presenting a polished, market-ready appearance to potential buyers.

The Importance of Making a Connection

You may be wondering, “What is the point of bringing in a stager if they are just using the seller’s personal items?” While the home created by the homeowner served as a functional place for their family to live, it often reflects personal flair and individual taste. However, during the selling process, this ‘lived-in’ look can prevent buyers from picturing themselves in the home and making the emotional connection necessary to prompt an offer.

In order to ‘de-personalize’ and show the home in its best light here are a few steps we take


Re-design (our designers will suggest cosmetic improvements that will aide in updating the home for a higher resale value)


Re-imagine the floor plan (we will rearrange the seller’s belongings to showcase the best flow of space)


De-clutter (our designers will suggest what should be removed from the space to help maximize the homes potential)


De-personalize (our designers will suggest removing anything that is personal and emits an individual style, this helping appeal to a broader audience)


Style/Stage (our designers implement pieces that flow best with the home, making it a stylish and well thought out space)

Why Choose Supplemental Staging?

elevate your listing and attract more potential buyers

Explore the art of presenting spaces in their best light with Home Staging for Houston. Let us turn your empty rooms into captivating, market-ready showcases that leave a lasting impression.

Staging Services


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We collaborate closely with Houston area builders to transform their model homes into inviting and aspirational spaces through our staging designs.


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