Design consistency throughout the home often reveals the difference between the “seasoned” flipper and one who is not.  Experienced real estate investors know when the design conception throughout the home is consistent there is less confusion when potential buyers are touring the home.  Whether a person knows very little about home design or not, they will usually always notice a “color circus” or a cross between design styles and colors and vise versa.   Design inconsistencies can be a potential negative when your buyer tours the next home on his list only to find that home was very consistent with their design and product selections.  What do we mean by consistent?  Design Style Consistency and Color Consistency.  If your home is traditionally styled,  be sure all your product selections and colors match that particular style.  For example, if you’ve chosen warm colors for paint such as a shade of beige for the walls and travertine tile flooring with a warm toned medium brown hardwood or laminate flooring, you may want to have either all brushed nickel or all bronze colored plumbing and electrical fixtures and hardware.  Even the doorknobs should match!  This makes the home feel and look consistent.  Before choosing your selections, be sure they are all traditional or all country (rustic) or all contemporary, etc.  If you  have chosen a contemporary or transitional style, you may consider all brushed nickel or chrome selections with cool colors such a greys, whites, and espresso colors.    The important thing is to be consistent.  If ever you are unsure, do your homework.  Check with a home stager or interior designer.  Design mistakes can be costly when they need to be corrected so why not get it right the first time.  For more information or help with product selections or home staging call Home Staging for Houston at 832-301-5696 or use the contact form below.

The photos below offer some great examples of design consistencies in some of the homes we have staged and showcase some great work done by some of the seasoned investors we work with.  Enjoy!