At Home Staging For Houston, we often receive phone calls and emails from realtors, aspiring stagers, and even interior designers who want to know more about the concepts and strategies used for home staging and how to get started in a home staging business.  Many people are fascinated by this business but really aren’t sure what to do to get started in it.  Home staging is much more than placing a flower pot on the floor and a few items on the counter and hoping for the best.  There’s a method and process to it and we’d like to share with you how we got started.   Home Staging For Houston is launching our new Home Staging Coaching Program and would love to take this opportunity to tell you more about it.  If you have ever thought of starting a home staging business in the Houston area,  I would like to sit with you to discuss how we built a Houston home staging business, got on the first page of Google, accumulated a database of clients and earned a 5-digit income by the 2nd year, all with little to no start up income.  We’re offering those who are interested in beginning their own home staging business the most unique home staging training available.  We’ll tell you what’s most important when getting started.   Renting furniture vs. building your own inventory and where to store it.  Marketing your home staging business and where to  invest advertising dollars and where not to.   Lets talk billing, contracts, and most importantly how much can you make per job in the Houston area.  You know the important stuff most people don’t want to share?   Whats the quickest way to get the job done?  What about movers and moving trucks?  Do you really need insurance?  How in the world do I build a website that looks great and gets noticed and how important is this really?   What are some of the design concepts used when staging.  When it comes to starting a home staging business, we’d like help you avoid many of the pitfalls and misconceptions of the home staging business and really help get you started, on a very practical level.  This is not just another get-you-hyped-up motivational speech that will leave you wondering “what in the world do I need to do now?”  This is unique one-on-one private coaching of how I got started in this business and how you can do the same thing.  It”s real talk and real experiences in the Houston home staging business.  It’s everything I wish I had before I started but no one had to offer!

If you are interested in starting or learning more about the business of home staging I am now offering:

Just give me the basics package:  2 hour sit-n-talk at a local Starbucks where we will discuss a predetermined basic outline of what is most important when starting a home staging business.  $200   (Must be in the north Houston area)

I need more details package :  4-6 hour sit-n-talk at a local Starbucks or restaurant with pen and paper to get into the details and take notes.   $400 min. for first 4 hours with an hourly fee for extended time.  (Must be in the north Houston area)

I need to see it in action package: 4-6 hour live sneak peek to come along on a scheduled vacant staging project where you may watch and learn or participate in the staging process.  $500 min.

Any combination of the above coaching methods are available, however the I need more details package is a prerequisite to the I need to see it in action package.

Please call Rhonda @ 832-301-5696 for more info or go to our contact page to email a request for a link to make payment.  Serious inquiries only please.  Payment must be made online prior to scheduling.