Top 4 Reasons to Stage Your Investment Property

Aside from selling your home in less time and often for more money, here are 4 valuable reasons to stage your investment property:

1.  Home Staging adds value. 

By simply adding furniture, accessories, and a beautiful design plan you are adding value to your property.   How? Furniture and accessories have value.  Many strategic real estate investors will stage their property and keep it staged throughout the appraisal process to present the home in it’s most valuable state.

2.  Build an impressive portfolio. 

This will help brand your name and reputation as an elite real estate investment firm. This could prove to be very valuable when seeking financing from banks, lenders and other real estate colleagues.

3.  Improve your online listing tremendously.

Online presentation is often overlooked and is the #1 fastest way to get traffic to your real estate investment property. Home staging and real estate photography will take your listing to the next level and will make your listing shine above the rest.

4.  Romance potential buyers.

With furniture arranged and décor in place, it takes all the guesswork out of a potential buyer’s mind.  Home staging gives them a design plan they can fall in love with and implement with their own furnishings when they move in! This allows them to see themselves living there. With color theme staging, buyers will remember your property the most because you had a color-theme that stood out and was memorable. They’ll say, “let’s go back to the blue house or the red house” (or whatever color was used to decorate with) after a long day of touring many homes.

Realtors Prefer Staged Listings

Finally, don’t wait to stage it.  Get it staged, then list it. The value in doing so is that your online photos go up as a fresh listing that is staged and shows beautifully.  Realtors will always prefer to show a staged listing over one that is not simply because it shows better and requires less explaining and excuses.   For more information on home staging in Houston, TX  area, please visit our website and let us know you stopped by.