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With the cost of living constantly on the rise and the need to stay competitive in the real estate industry, it’s pretty obvious that the awareness of home staging is on the rise as well as the cost necessary to stage a property.  Design trends change, and the furniture industry and accessory retailers are busy keeping up with a rising price tag almost every day it seems.

As a home staging company who owns all our inventory, we are constantly shopping for new furniture, accessories, bedding, pillows and so on.  Unlike the average person who may not shop as often as we do, we know exactly what it takes to stage a home and the cost to make that home look as much as possible like a model home.

What makes this blog a little different from previous posts, is experience and the fact that we based the study solely on actual receipts.  For the home that we staged (and used for this study),  we had no inventory available and everything had to be bought new with the exception of just a very few items.   About 90% of what was used on this stage we purchased for this stage.  Thus, the money was counted penny for penny.  There were a few pieces which we already had on hand and the cost of those items were added in as well.

To give a few more details, the home was about 2000 square feet located in the Heights.  It was a older bungalow style home in which we furnished and decorated a formal living, a dining room, a kitchen, a small office, a family room, a small bath, and a large master bedroom with a separate sitting area, and a master bath area.  For the most part, the home was a bit smaller than your average size home with the exception of the master bedroom which was quite large and required a bit more furniture for staging. It was very old with very few updates made by the homeowner.  Our job was too make it look new with furniture and accessories while complementing the integrity of it’s antiquity.  We purchased a new sofa, loveseat, bed and box spring, (already had the mattress), bedside tables, 4 dining room chairs (already had the table), 6 accent chairs, lamps, cocktail and side tables, artificial trees, a desk and desk chair, and many other accessories, wall art, bedding, and throw pillows, etc. to fill in the spaces that needed staging.

So here’s the results and the grand total cost:

  • Furniture and Accessories including bedding: $7264.93
  • Movers and Delivery/Transporation Costs: $500 (2 movers, 16ft truck, and gas for the moving truck)
  • Total costs: $7764.93

In the paragraph above we alluded to experience gained over the years.  The reason for this is that experience afforded us the benefit of knowing exactly where to go to be able to purchase these items for the least amount of money or for the best price.  This is so important!  Without knowing this, you will spend hours and hours and days and days not even knowing where to go to get the best pricing  for the items needed and you will spend a significantly large amount more than what is listed above.  Yes, stagers spend hours and hours and days and days learning the best places to go to purchase items and this is super key to spending less money.

In closing, I must also add that this DOES NOT include the cost of :

  • Time spent browsing and shopping the various retailers for items purchased for the stage not to mention the negotiating skills required to get the best price when negotiating is an option. (It’s usually always an option).
  • Gas while shopping for these items and traveling back and forth to deliver the additional items purchased to the staged home.   Let’s not forget to mention the frustration of Houston traffic while traveling!  Need I say more about that?
  • Configuring a Design Conception.

So there you have it!  The cost to stage your average size home in the Houston Heights.  Most homes are not quite as small as the bungalow-style homes in the Heights area and therefore may cost more to fill in larger spaces.  High-end, million dollar (and higher) listings also cost much more.  The homeowner who hired Home Staging for Houston to stage this home paid less than half the cost listed above and didn’t have to worry about anything other than waiting for us to let him know when it was ready for showings.  Hopefully this will be helpful in determining the true cost of home staging and give many investors, realtors and home owners a better insight to the actual cost and work involved when staging if you were to do it yourself.

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  1. Your staging comment got my attention. Give me a call or email me about your business in staging. It is very important and it sells homes. Thank you.
    Sherri Cannon
    RE/MAX Vintage
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    1. Hi Sharri,

      Thank you for your comment! We are happy to assist you anytime you need staging. We are in the Spring area too!
      Talk to you soon! Rhonda