Whether or not to invest in staging is a question many home sellers will ask their realtor when considering the best way to market their home.  Should we hire a home stager, is it really worth the investment?  Sellers, if your realtor is advising you not to stage your home I would seriously question what they plan to do to strategically market your home. I am amazed at the number of people that tell me that their realtor advised them not to stage! GUYS IT’S 2020!  Every hard working, top producing realtor with a strategically mapped out marketing plan has used staging and knows that the ONLY thing staging will do is help you sell your listing for the most money in the least time.  It been tried and tested over and over and as a houston home stager I have seen the results of our staging time and time again sell hundreds and hundreds of homes with multiple offers and even over asking in less time that a home not staged.

It is no longer an option but an essential part of listing your home!  Here are a few good reasons why:

  1. An empty home gives buyers no place to sit or lounge and “ponder the experience of how it feels” to live in the home.  When they have a sofa to relax in there is a place sit and daydream of a movie night in the home.  An empty room can never offer this experience!  They need to see the master bedroom set up to imagine themselves sleeping in that bed tonight or the family dinner at the dining room set up!  They need a place to linger for a while.
  2. When a home is empty they will only see the flaws.   Without staging in place, every paint mistake will shine bright, every broken or mismatched wall outlet or light switch will be distracting, every uneven floor will be more noticeable and intensified.  Why? Because there is nothing else to focus on!   Staging draws the eye to the positives in the home and helps quiet the flaws.
  3. Staging shows the breakdown of the highly sought after open concept floor plan.  Everyone wants it but many don’t have the creative imagination to “see it” when the large open space is just an expanse of  well, large open space.  Staging defines a space and shows how it can function.  This is so helpful to potential buyers and quite frankly, according to many of our clients, the reason why many will not make an immediate buying decision is because they are not sure exactly what to do with such a large open space.  Show them how it works and they will fall quickly in love!
  4. Staging shows potential buyers all the possibility of a small space.  Staging makes a small room look bigger!  It’s true! We have had many times where the feedback our client was getting is that the room was too small and as soon as it was staged, especially bedrooms, it looked bigger and sold quicker.  Staged bedrooms sell better!
  5. It creates a lifestyle that potential buyers can relate to.  When you walk through and tour a very simple, spec home that is staged as a model home with a beautiful design plan with eye-pleasing color palettes and a magazine-quality look buyers are “hooked” drawn in by the desire to have this designer-quality feel as their own home.  It becomes irresistible and promotes a impulsive buying decision because they see it in that homes highest potential.   This is the whole purpose of home staging and it works in any home at any price point, always.

There should never be a question of whether or not to stage but rather which staging company to work with.  Hire an experienced stager with years of experience and a good reputation of results-driven and award winning staging. There is nothing worse than investing in bad staging!  Good staging is not cheap and cheap staging is not good.  If you are not sure where to start we are happy to help!   Call  832-301-5696 Get it staged, get it sold.

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