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Staging Your Home In The Winter

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Even in a warmer climate, certain feelings are just associated with winter. That’s a big part of why the Danish concept of “hygge,” a word that encompasses a lot of what we think of as cozy, is a valuable overall vision to have for a winter staging. Yes, you want to appeal to the classic, elegant look that you’d have year-round, but with a few additional staging elements that can really sell your home for cash during the winter. Here are our top three modifications to make your winter staging even better.

Make an Impression With Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen itself should be impressive to a potential buyer, of course; they are looking for appliances, countertops, cabinets, lighting, and even seating space. But the way you stage the kitchen can emphasize the best touches. A beautiful fruit bowl, a handcrafted jug full of wooden spoons, and even a very specific set of barstools for an in-kitchen breakfast bar can all help you convey how warm and cozy this room is. During the winter, you want the kitchen to be the heart of the home, and staging can really emphasize this with all kinds of natural materials, minimalist but soft textiles, and warm pops of color like silk flowers or greenery.

Add Cozy Touches – Blankets, Pillows, and Rugs Make a Difference

While you might think that staging a living room is just the couch and chairs, you’d be wrong! During the winter, a light summery blanket conveys something totally different from the warm, snuggly quilts and knitted blankets that will adorn a winter home. Make the home convey this particular season with the rugs you choose, the throw pillows you opt for, and of course, warm spreads and blankets throughout the home. Just because it’s Texas doesn’t mean you don’t have a cool night here and there, and these touches don’t take long to add, given how much they contribute to the feel of the home. 

Accentuate Neutrals With Natural, Warm Tones

As you probably know, neutral tones are an excellent choice in staging a home, even if you opt for well-chosen pops of color in addition to a palette of whites, off-whites, beiges, and greys. If you are going to accent specifically for winter, however, wood tones, fiber tones, and warm earthy colors are going to bring the most to your space. While there is absolutely a place for bright, brassy color in a home staging project if you want to commit to it, the general consensus is that buyers find the combination of warm tones, natural tones, and a neutral backdrop to be both comfortable and cozy while also giving them a lot to work with when they envision making it their own.

Of course, the actual home itself will also dictate whether there are specific opportunities to bring out the wintery-ness of the home, but you’d be surprised how much even a few additional touches on a superb overall staging project can make it both wonderful and well attuned to selling in wintertime. Get started today!

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